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the Livid Dusk

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Length: Short
Color: Violet
Nilveth - Refurbished - Violet / Short is in stock. Get it for CA$130.19 instead of CA$162.74
Nilveth - Refurbished - Violet / Bastard is in stock. Get it for CA$151.19 instead of CA$188.99
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Nilveth - Refurbished - Red / Bastard is in stock. Get it for CA$151.19 instead of CA$188.99
Nilveth - Refurbished - Gunmetal / Bastard is in stock. Get it for CA$151.19 instead of CA$188.99

In the subterranean maze that was the kingdom of shadows, the days were only a long twilight. It must have been several days since she started tracking down her prey, on the lookout, prepared for the worst. Here, the hunter could be the hunted without even knowing it. The enemy had infiltrated the Ungoll territory and it had to be eliminated before it became a threat. With her two short swords in hand, she would hit first. May the best win!


The short version of this sword is balanced directly at the guard and can be handled without any difficulty. Always made of safe Calimacil foam, this sword will give you years of good use thanks to its unrivalled durability. The shapes are reminiscent of a scorpion and the surfaces are inspired by insect shells. It is available in the four distinct colors of the Ungoll collection, offering you an unprecedented variety of choices.


Perfect as a primary weapon for a ranger or assassin, it can also be used as a secondary weapon for a warrior or archer. From the simple Drow to the indomitable hunter, all will enjoy the handling of this weapon.

Weight (g): Short: 425; Long: 500; Bastard: 560,
Total Length (cm): Short: 88; Long: 101; Bastard: 113
Blade Length (cm): Short: 56; Long: 71; Bastard: 84
Blade Tickness (cm): 2.5
Handle length (cm): 33
Material: Calimacil Foam

Mythic Workshop Collection

In the desire to obtain products of incomparable quality, Dracolite, a company of medieval-inspired creations delivering to a clientele all around the globe, partnered with Calimacil, a world-class supplier of foam weapons, to create a legendary brand for the LARP community. Thus was born Mythic Workshop, a series of collections of weapons, armor and accessories that will redefine the affordable high-end.

The weapon, being an important part of a GN character, must be recognized at a glance. It must respect the atmosphere of the collection but be generic enough to reach a wider variety of players. This is what the Mythic Workshop collection is all about: creating weapons that will respect the imaginary culture of a character but also match the needs of various professions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
This sword looks amaizing

I got this sword for a Christmas present and it is amazing looks so good and vary well constructed

Need more

What can I say, this sword is excellent in not only build quality and design but just in over all feeling along with how light it is. Have 2 of these in short and long version and love them both equally. Can't wait to get more!

Fantastic product!

The handle is much harder than I expected but that's not a complaint over all the bastard length feels very sturdy and well made. The color was exactly as pictured and I've used it a few times and it is holding up well.

Belle arme

Une belle arme, belle finition. Nerveuse, légère.
Cependant la (certes petite) garde et le pommeau sont très durs. Ce qui risque de faire refuser l'arme dans certains GN.

It Really Depends

The sword is very cool to look at and very ascetically pleasing, however that's about all it's got. I bought this specifically for my character, but as soon as I began using the sword I very quickly felt a drastic decrease in my skills. The sword is good for those that use moderately short weapons, but as someone who has always used the Novice sword from Calimacil, it's a very different experience for me. This might just be a personal problem, but if your used to using swords like the novice and are looking to purchase this weapon, I wouldn't recommend it. Otherwise, I'd say try it out yourself.

Another problem however, is that at the end of the blade, there really nothing there, and it bends really easily. I left it at the place I do Larp at for the week and placed it on it's blade, which is what I do for my other weapons, so I don't have to bend down to pick it up from the hilt, because I'm lazy like that. However, when I came back, the end of the sword was bent and I have to spend a while bending it back into place, but it stayed bent for about two sessions.

Overall, if your not stupid and lazy like me, and are adequately experienced in a multitude of different weapons, I recommend this sword. However, if your like me and am only used to one kind of weapon, don't buy this weapon, as it is a sheep learning curve to be able to use this weapon, so much so that I just donated it to my LARP group for anyone who doesn't have/forgot their weapon.

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