Calimacil Gold : Collect Your Treasure


Calimacil Gold is one of the ways we wish to recognize your ongoing support through all these years. We appreciate your trust and we wish to return the favour in our very special way. If you haven't done so already, open your account

How To Earn Calimacil Gold?

10% Returns on Purchase

Whenever you make purchases, your Calimacil account will be credited with Calimacil Gold. You will receive one Calimacil gold for every Canadian Dollar value spent on items on our website. With this gold, you'll obtain sognificant rebates toward your next purchase of Calimacil LARP weapons, armours, costumes or accessories. Better yet, if you accumulate enough, you'll be able to obtain free products!

Invite a fellow adventurer

If you like us, let it know around you! Invite your friends to visit our site by sharing them a 5% discount coupon. You'll be rewarded with 50 golds (worth 5$) when your friend makes his first purchase.

In addition to his 5% discount, your friend will also receive the 10% return in golds explained above. Isn't that wonderful?

How to spend Your Calimacil Gold?

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Frequently Asqued Questions

Is this program free?

Yes! All you have to do is create ac account on our website and make sure you are logged in when you make a purchase.