Calimacil : Our Brand

Extensively researched and tested, our designs have reached unmatched heights of sturdiness, flexibility and safety. Made of detailed, high-impact foam, they are the alternative of choice to latex and homemade weapons. Their unsurpassed quality makes our weapons very resistant to shock, torsion and tear. Tested in extreme weather, they are perfectly suited to sustain countless battles.

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Les Artisans D'Azure

Handcrafted in Quebec, Canada, les Artisans d’Azure’s products are designed for Larpers, by Larpers. 

With a special attention given to durability and practicality, they offer a wide and constantly improving selection of leather armors and accessories, as well as high end or custom medieval clothes, and composite plate armors combining metal and leather.

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Even with an amazing backstory, a LARP character is not complete without a great costume. With the right selection of clothes, armor parts and accessories, your character comes to life and is ready to start the adventure! Here is our selection of Mytholon LARP gears for you to choose from.

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Rawblade is focused on the world of medieval reenactment and LARP. They rely on the know-how of Spanish crafts, with a long tradition of furs, leather, and steel, to contribute to the market. Inspired by the famous Toledo steel, Rawblade also develops armor and chainmail.

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Nemesis Workshops

Makers of LARP weapons since 2005, Nemesis Workshop’s team has years of experience doing wonders with latex and foam. Their worldwide renowned expertise comes from meticulous and creative experimentation with composite materials and unique techniques that place their products at the high end in term of quality, aesthetics, safety, reliability, and balance. From historically inspired swords to game and movie weapons and exotic fantasy designs, Nemesis Workshop products are all handcrafted in Quebec, and highly customizable.

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