Makers from Québec, visionnaries and artists, Martial Grisé, leatherworker and actor, as well as his accomplice Maryse Pépin, graphic designer and illustrator, are the heart of the McGray publishing house. Both of them also authors, they have a unique writing style between both of them. If Maryse represent the educative and playful aspect, Martial is the pillar of the storyline, reinventing the Medieval Fantasy genre.

Pooling their talents, they conceived a distinctive and enlightening idea: Their renowned dragon eggs imbue strength. They've authored 21 books suitable for all age groups, with their collections soaring to the top of bestseller lists. Additionally, they've cultivated an extensive range of merchandise, including notable items like Calimacil foam weapons.

Seyrawyn Books & Dragon Eggs

Step into the enchanting world of Seyrawyn Literature, where captivating tales and immersive worlds come to life. Explore our collaboration with Calimacil, where the magic of literature meets the craftsmanship of LARP weaponry. Step into the Seyrawyn realm through our books, dragon eggs, and other accessories that transport you to a world of adventure and imagination. Click below to embark on your journey and discover the treasures that await.


Salkoinas Mystic Staff

Featuring the "Mystic Staff", a great innovation from Calimacil in partnership with Seyrawyn. Crafted from a noble wood branch, note the numerous details and symbols in the rings, the comfortable interlacing of the handle, and the solidified metal veins at the ends.

By adding the ram head, a charismatic symbol of strength and perseverance, the mystic staff transforms into an official staff: the renowned Salkoinas. Representing a prestigious hierarchical order, the bearer of the Salkoinas commands respect and devotion.

Absorb the Strength of the Elements

Dorgen's Hammer

The Dorgen Hammer seamlessly balances striking realism with safety. Crafted from Calimacil foam, it offers the appearance of an authentic hammer while ensuring complete harmlessness during LARP combat. The handle, designed with a textured leather-like grip and a steel pommel, holds the steel-colored heads, while an eye-catching green emerald crowns this distinctive weapon. The heads, ingeniously hollowed for LARP safety, and the durable Calimacil foam construction guarantee the Dorgen Hammer's resilience for countless adventures to come.

Embrace the Dorgen Hammer's Might

Calfera's Hammer

Calfera's hammer, a testament to craftsmanship and innovation, emerges from the Seyrawyn universe. Designed with meticulous detail by Calimacil's experts, this remarkable weapon showcases breathtaking intricacies. Its distinctive feature lies in the hollowed heads, which flex upon impact, ensuring both safety and reduced weight for the wielder. Despite these safety measures, Calfera's durability and formidable strength remain unrivaled. As a warhammer, it offers a relentless fighting style that demands attention.

Additionally, Calfera is available in two striking color schemes. The dominant red variant is adorned with intricate engravings and golden accents, lending an astonishing realism to this exceptional addition to your collection. Equally impressive is the black version, which maintains the same level of detail and craftsmanship while offering a sleek and commanding aesthetic that's sure to captivate collectors and warriors alike.

Venture into the World of Calfera

Krieger II

Introducing the Krieger II: Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of this classic Calimacil axe, now reborn in a rich cherry wood finish that breathes new life into its realism. This exceptional creation is the outcome of an exclusive collaboration with Seyrawyn, drawing inspiration from their captivating literature.

The Krieger axe still features its formidable steel head, embellished with an intricately crafted celtic wolf motif, perfectly blending style with function. Its black handle masterfully replicates the texture of leather, ensuring a secure and confident grip during your adventures. At the pommel, a meticulously designed dire wolf head adds a touch of fierce sophistication. Crafted entirely from our unique Calimacil foam, the Krieger II stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and a guarantee of safety in the heart of countless battles. Elevate your LARP journey with this masterpiece of design and unwavering durability.

Unleash the Power of Krieger II


Introducing the OdinAxe: A remarkable collaboration between Calimacil and Seyrawyn, this Viking LARP weapon draws inspiration from the renowned Krieger axe. Its head showcases a captivating Viking entrelac pattern adorned with ferocious wolf heads, all set against a brushed steel backdrop that exudes strength and resilience.

The comfortable grip continues the entrelac design, while the pommel replicates brushed steel with engraved runes and prominently displays the Valknut symbol. The staff's brushed cherry wood-like finish adds warmth and elegance to this exceptional weapon.

Unleash your inner warrior with the Odin's Legacy Axe, a collaborative masterpiece that seamlessly combines design, craftsmanship, and the spirit of the Viking age.

Forge Your Viking Path

Hersir Sword

The creation of the Hersir Viking sword once again showcased Calimacil's renowned expertise and innovative spirit. Pushing the boundaries of what was possible, the team crafted a sword of exceptional quality. The guard, inspired by history, features intricate engravings depicting the nobility of dragons. Its wooden handle, adorned with two engraved metal rings, adds refinement to its overall appearance. At the pommel, a viking compass known as a "vegvisir" guides adventurers on their way. Lastly, on the blade, fantasy-inspired curves interweave into celtic knots, bestowing the Hersir with a regal elegance.

It's worth noting that the Hersir Viking sword is available in three versions: a longer one, a shorter one with a more streamlined blade, and a shorter version with a thicker blade specifically designed for children.

Choose Your Hersir Sword

Valhendyr Sword

From the intricate double grooves to the engraved knotted pattern, this sword proudly presents Seyrawyn's newest blade profile, available in both its full two-handed length and an extended version. Reflecting the exquisite details of the blade, the hilt boasts striking silver traceries atop a rich black leather-like faux-wrap. Adding to its allure, an intricately designed ruby red pommel jewel seems to almost glow, all crafted from our Calimacil foam to ensure its status as a safe and exceptionally durable LARP weapon.

Fight Like a Viking King

Valhendyr Colossal Sword

With dimensions that command attention, this sword showcases Seyrawyn's latest blade profile, including a colossal 177cm. From the fine double grooves to the engraved knotted pattern, every detail is a testament to its craftsmanship. The hilt's striking silver traceries crown a deep black leather-like faux-wrap, while an intricately designed ruby red pommel jewel adds to its allure. Crafted from our Calimacil foam, this sword stands as a safe LARP weapon of unequaled durability.

Dominate the battlefield

Lonnar's Hammer II

Introducing the Lonnar II, Seyrawyn's masterpiece reimagined! With updated, realistic colors and a weathered Cherry wood staff, the Lonnar II offers versatility like never before, coming in two staff lengths for different combat styles. Crafted with Calimacil's renowned durability, it retains the signature design, including two ram heads and an engraved middle piece, a metallic red gem, and mystical runes along the grip.

Embrace the spirit of the Seyrawyn universe with this stunning weapon that combines artistry and power, a true testament to Calimacil's masterful work. Forge your path to glory with the Lonnar II, where Seyrawyn's imagination meets craftsmanship, and conquer your foes with unparalleled might!

Forge Your Path to Glory!