Adjustable Scabbard

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Equip yourself for any adventure with Epic Armoury's Adjustable Leather Scabbard. Versatile and durable, it adjusts to fit most swords, offering convenience and authenticity for LARP enthusiasts.

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Epic Armoury's Adjustable Scabbard is a leather scabbard that will fit most swords. The unique adjustable design of the sheath makes it an impressively versatile piece for your collection. You can adjust the length of the blade and width, to accommodate blades up to 7 cm in width. Furthermore, the scabbard has several straps, rings and a snap hook, making it possible to adjust the positioning, whether you prefer a snuck fit on your hip or the scabbard hanging chivalric upon your leg.

Note: This scabbard is designed to be used by both right- and left-handed people.


"In his time, he'd used more blades than he could count. Admittedly, he couldn't count higher than three, but he'd used more than that. And he'd always preferred the newest one. They served until they broke, and he would get another from a fallen foe. But not so his scabbard. A remarkable piece of craftsmanship and an ancestral heirloom passed down by his father and his father before him. In its history, homing hundreds of swords, it had even been imbued with ancient dwarven runes, allowing the sword to adjust its form to fit any sword."


  • Length: 96.5 cm
  • Width: 5.5 cm

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