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Custom LARP weapons FAQ

Does Calimacil offer custom LARP weapons?

Yes! We have a Custom Sword Builder tool for a few years now. You can use it to combine our handles with our blades to create your own LARP sword. Not all blades and handles can be combined, so we’ve programmed the tool to show you only the available options for each handle you select.

We also have a Custom Staff Builder tool that lets you create your own LARP hammer, axe or mace. Again, not all staffs work with all the handles, so the tool will only show you the available options for each head you select.

We've also created a Custom Katana Builder to let you build your own LARP Katana. It has a lot more options.

These are the only custom products we offer. Since our process requires expensive molding in order to produce foam weapons, we cannot work on unique pieces.

Why are custom products more expensive than standard products?

Custom orders are complex to manage and require more time and resources at each step of the production and fulfilment process. Moreover, many options, colors and combinations that are not normally produced are available in the custom builders. Our teams need to set aside their work for a moment and handle the custom project together to avoid mistakes and deliver a perfect product.  

How long does it take to get a custom product?

Expect your custom sword of staff to be delivered within 3 to 6 weeks. It can take longer during the high season. 

Some of your designs are missing from the custom product builders, why?

We try to keep the custom sword and staff builders as up to date as possible, but some designs cannot be added or have to be removed. For example, if we no longer offer a product because it is old and we decided not to remake the molds, we are also going to remove it from the builder. Also, if a design comes from another franchise, we may not have the right to offer it in the custom builder. Finally, some new designs just haven’t been added yet. We may be still testing them with different blades to know what we can offer. 

What does the "Complete Shield" option mean in the custom shield builder?

We allow customers to order the complete shield with it's internal structure (handle and core) or opt only for the skin if they already own the internal structure.