Ranger Torso Armour

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Epic Armoury’s Ranger Torso Armour offers both protection and style for LARP adventurers. Made from top grain leather, this cuirass is durable and versatile, perfect for customization.

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Color: Brown


Size: L



Epic Armoury’s Ranger Torso Armour is a chrome-tanned leather cuirass comprising a simple frame with a diagonal weave on the front and sides. The pieces are combined and adjusted with the ornamented strappings. The armour is designed to fit the other items of the Ranger Complete Armour Set, but with the tie-on system and creativity, it can be combined with pieces from different armour sets. A versatile armour well suited in settings inspired by Vikings, Celts or the mediaeval period of Europe.


“The deer gave her a resolute look. There was something otherworldly about it. The baron had paid her handsomely to bring him the head of the white hart, but she felt that there was something else to this story. The other rangers called her the best archer in the realm, and hundreds of deer had been hunted down by her skill and resolve. But better than most, she knew some arrows were best kept in the quiver. Thus she lowered her bow and nodded in respect. The hart returned the gesture, and a bond was formed. One that eventually would save her life.”


Materials: Top Grain Leather - Vegetable Tanned

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