Hira Shuriken

The Throwing Star

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Perfect your stealth attire and distract your foes with our Hira Shuriken!

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Minor visual bubbles may occasionally appear, highlighting the handcrafted quality of each Hira Shuriken.


The Hira Shuriken by Calimacil comes in three classic designs to fit all your espionnage and assassination needs! Made from our soft "Mellow Foam", its coreless design ensures unparalleled safety for every throw!


On nights when the air grew still and whispers of unrest drifted through the villages, phantoms would emerge, cloaked in darkness. With the grace of a silent wind, they moved unseen, like spectral figures whose presence were felt only in the aftermath of their deeds. They carried shuriken, star-shaped blades that never missed their mark, slicing through the night with lethal precision. The sight of a shuriken embedded in a wooden post was a symbol that struck fear into the hearts of even the bravest samurai. It was the phantom's silent promise: justice in the night, swift and unseen.


The Hira Shuriken, also known as "throwing star," is a traditional Japanese weapon with a flat, star-like shape and multiple sharp points. Made of metal and designed for throwing, these shuriken were mainly used by samurai and ninjas for distraction, injury, and intimidation. Originating in feudal Japan, they were valued for their portability and effectiveness in stealth combat and espionage.


    *3, 4 and 6-point models share the same characteristics.

  • Weight (g): 15
  • Diameter (cm): 10
  • Thickness (cm): 1.5-2
  • Material: Mellow Foam

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