Calimacil & The Great Crossing

Calimacil & The Great Crossing

Have you always dreamed of going to the Duchy of Bicolline and taking part in the Great Battle? Well, Ultimacy has heard you!

Specializing in the creation, design and production of live-action adventure games and immersive experiences for the general public and businesses, the company is now offering you the chance to live the Bicolline experience like never before!

To celebrate Bicolline's 30th anniversary, we're extremely proud to be a partner of La Grande Traversée, which will allow you to live an experience like no other!

What does The Great Crossing offer?

The Great Crossing is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of Bicolline!

The Great Crossing has been designed to make your stay as easy and enjoyable as possible!

As soon as you arrive in Montreal, the La Grande Traversée team will take you to the Duchy's early arrival site, allowing you to settle in under optimal conditions!

Meals (breakfast and dinner) are included in the package, as is a card granting you up to 10 showers for the duration of your stay.

And say goodbye to the stress of figuring out how to fit into the Bicolline universe! Exclusive resources and gameplay elements for the scenario will be specifically reserved for New World participants! Find out more about guilds for New World players.

Finally, a game master/scriptwriter will be exclusively dedicated to you!

• Access to the Duchy of Bicolline and the Grande Bataille for the stay on the dates indicated,

• Privileged access if you arrive early (before everyone else...), so you can get settled in comfortably,

• Your accommodation at the Auberge de Bicolline (exclusive) or in a medieval tent.

• Your meals with drinks (breakfast - dinner) - optional for tents

• 10-shower card included for your stay

• Your purse with 30 coins

• Exclusive New World resources for the game

• Your Bicolline mug

• Dedicated Game Master/Writer Specific game elements reserved for New World peoples for the scenario.

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If you're interested, here are the 3 types of services on offer for the 2024 edition!

This will also give you an idea of what to expect if you want to attend the Bicolline edition in 2025!

Inn in Room ticket


or 1 980€ per person

  • - Including 600€ deposit
  • - Full package deal
  • - Room accommodation
  • - 9 nights
  • - Meals included
  • - 10 places available

Hostel dormitory ticket


or 1 700€ per person

  • - Including 600€ deposit
  • - Full package deal
  • - Dormitory accommodation
  • - 9 nights
  • - Meals included
  • - 20 places available

Tent ticket


or 1 480€ per person

  • - Including 600€ deposit
  • - Complete package deal
  • - Accommodation in a medieval tent
  • - 9 nights
  • - Meals not included (optional)
  • - 20 places available (10 tents)

And if you are to short for coming this year, you can already plan to come in 2025 by registring for free here 

Register for 2025!